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What is Founders Live?

It's the global venue that gives modern entrepreneurs the opportunity to earn recognition, gain opportunities, connect with other entrepreneurs, and truly become rockstars.



Founders Live was created to inspire, educate and entertain entrepreneurs around the world. The movement includes unforgettable livestreamed 99-second startup pitch competitions held in a growing number of cities, which create local founder celebrities and bursts open additional pockets of creativity and entrepreneurial activity. The Live monthly events are coupled with this growing online network where company building resources, curated articles, videos, livestreamed expert talks and AMA’s, and private member messaging create a thriving global startup community.

Founders Live brings entrepreneurship to the masses. With an unpredictable economy everyone, in some way shape or form, must adapt to the world as an entrepreneur would in order to thrive in today’s world.

Whether online or off, over beers or over broadband, the Founders Live mission remains the same: to power the future of creativity and innovation through global entrepreneurship. This is Founders Live. And this is where world-class entrepreneurs are made.



Founders Live Cities

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More cities are launching soon! Reach out if you want Founders Live in your city!

Founders Live Includes:

UNFORGETTABLE EVENTS including networking, startup pitches, and crowd voting

EXCLUSIVE LIVESTREAMS  covering Pitching, Legal, Comms, HR, Marketing, Personal Finance, and much more...

CONNECTIONS with entrepreneurs from various corners of the world

FIRST LOOKS at incredible early stage startups and talented founders

KNOWLEDGE of how successful founders build and grow their companies

FRONT ROW SEAT in the grassroots Founders Live movement

The Founders Live Core Values

1.Respectful Authenticity - We are an inclusive global community, and encourage everyone to be their authentic selves but also respect other individuals in their unique beliefs, practices and anything else that makes them who they are.

2. Gather around the Campfire - Where there’s a campfire there’s usually a creative story being told by someone who enjoys entertaining. We are all storytellers. Find your campfire and entertain those around you.

3. Open the Door - Nick owes much of his success to those who came before him and at one time or another graciously opened the door of opportunity for him. We encourage you to do nice things for people without expecting a return.

4. No Nametags - The world does not need another boring business networking event, but it does need a lot more fun! Using nametags as a metaphor, we encourage you to have more fun and don’t be awkward!

What members are saying:

"As an entrepreneur, the Founders Live platform gives me a new, fun way to chat with other creative go-getters... The content of the group is priceless." - Whitney

"Beyond members extraordinary credentials, it was surprising to me how warm, welcoming, and helpful this community is in providing the resources to help me succeed." - Kevin

"The frequent livestreams combined with engaging member AMA chat results in valuable group conversations around specific entrepreneurial topics. There’s a genuine sense of community both at the local events and within the online platform." - Bryan

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